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“We are a family business and have been renovating Classic Motorcycle Seats for over 40 Years. Our work can be seen on some of the finest restorations and rebuilds in the world.

We have work on show in a number of museums and private collections all over the world. Our focus on authenticity and originality means you can entrust your seat to us, confident that it will be refurbished to the highest standards. For the perfect finishing touch, please call us to discuss exactly what you require on +44 (0)1922 277 550

Andrew Leighton

DIY or Full Restoration service – You Choose….

  • DIY seat refurbishment kits (Cover and foam)
  • British Classics and Overseas Models
  • New Seats
  • Full Restoration Service
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What Our Customers Think

In RK Leightons well organized but surprisingly petite workshop you are greeted by rolls of vinyl, the whirr of stitching machines and the occassional whiff of contact adhesive. Freshly completed seats and one-off specials sit on workbenches. A mass of carefully labelled hardboard patterns templates used to cut the correct sized parts for almost any of the hundreds of variants of seats you can think of hang on one wall. Seat vinyl is carefully selected for grain/weight and closeness to the original material used by factory. A pile of original seat covers, un-picked, sat in one corner. I presumed that these were new additions to their catalog of seats and had been,or were to be, used as ‘masters’.

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